Clinical Psychologist – Pioneer In Design Psychology
Professor – Speaker- Consultant


• Psychologist graduated from the University of Los Andes (Colombia)

• Spanish Psychologist (Autonomous University of Barcelona – Spain)

• Master in Brief Strategic Psychotherapy. (Brief Strategic Therapy Center – Italy. Training with the well-known Psychologist Giorgio Nardone)

• Postgraduate studies in Ericksonian Hypnosis (Erickson Institute Madrid – Spain).

• Postgraduate studies in Applications of Ericksonian Hipnopsychotherapy

• (Fundació Universitat de Girona (Spain).

• Academic Bachelor: Marymount School (Colombia).



• Master in Architecture and Interior Design (Dmad Madrid – Spain)

• Design Psychology (Toby Israel – US) and House Coaching (Kirsten Steno – Denmark)

• Interior Design training at Salle College (LCI Colombia)

• Creator of the Methodology of Counseling in Design Psychology: “How to know yourself as a witness to your own outside sacred refuge.”

• Extensive experience in the integration of knowledge based on Psychology to develop recommendations for the design of places and objects which support the desired psychological, cognitive, emotional and physical experiences.


• Experience in several known Clinics and Universities of Colombia.-Private consultations. -Lecturer. -Seminarian and University Professor of Brief Strategic Psychotherapy programs and Non-trance Hypnotherapy.-Member of the Colombian Association of Clinical Hypnosis in Colombia (ACHC).-Advising on commercial and residential projects through the Design Psychology methodology.