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November 9, 2018

Have you noticed that the spaces have different scents according to the emotions that are being experienced?

Maybe if you are not attentive to these details, when you enter your home today; this article can help you to identify your different scents and to associate them with the different emotions that you may be experiencing in your inner world or in your relationships with the people with whom you live.

If you pay attention, there will be spaces that are less occupied or explored, so the smells will probably be more neutral. On the other hand, other spaces, where you spend more time as a personal room, will definitely have a specific smell, which is surely associated with the moment and emotions that you are experiencing today.

To make it easier to identify the emotion and associate it with the smell, do the exercise of going back in time and remember what was the last emotion you “left” in your room. Either on the previous night or in the morning. If it was a pleasant emotion, your space will probably have a pleasant smell, but if you had a heavy day, or a quarrel with one of your relatives or partner, your space probably has a different smell.

You can do this exercise for a few days in order to identify the different emotions and associate them with the smells.

The main reason is that the emotion that we maintain in our house will be the one we will find when we get home again. If you leave sadness, this will be the emotion you will find when you get home again. If you let anger, this will be the emotion you will find when you get home again.

To illustrate it more easily; it is to think that when we leave the house without making the bed, when we come back, we will find the bed like that. In the same way it happens with the emotions, if you left sad of your room and even if had a nice day; you will find the last emotion that you left in your space; that is, with sadness or anger.

That is why whenever you leave your room the latest version of yourself is frozen, therefore, it is important to make sure it is something kind, so that when you return to your space you will find it cozy.

This will give you the possibility to transform your basic emotion, so you can change the smell of your house.

Remember, “The best always happens inside; in your own home.”

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