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November 9, 2018

Working in space consists of making it your own, that is, in a place where it is pleasant to be, and this is related to the fact of assuming your life and awakening your creative conscience.

What do you want to create for yourself and your space today?

I leave you with 4 simple steps to make your space a true space of yours:

  1. Contemplate: Gaze at how it currently is, and observe in detail how you feel in that place, the meaning it has for you.
  2. Cleaning: clean up the mess and get rid of what has already fulfilled its function. Give up what you do not want and keep what you want.
  3. Clarify: clear up what you would like for that space to become your true refuge, and verify what changes would be necessary to make to it. Ask yourself what is missing and what is left over in your space. That is the best way to know what you need to change in your space.
  4. Create your personal space: This last step will require you to put your creativity into action, and make the decision to make the necessary changes. If, for example, you need to upholster the furniture, do it, if on the contrary you consider buying new ones, do it, if you need to change the color palette or put some cute Wallpapers, do it, or if you need to distribute your place to give it a new atmosphere , do it. The action allows you to create, and to make your personal space yours you must appropriate it.

I assure you that, if you put these simple steps into practice, you will feel better in your space and give it that authentic touch that only you have.

 Remember, “The best always happens inside; in your own home.”

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