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November 9, 2018

Ordering the mess usually produces stress, boredom and delays the activity one day, two days, weeks and even months. Or you also fall into the temptation to just “fix the mess” without throwing away what has already fulfilled a function.

If we see the depuration action with a different look, it will probably be an act that does not generate any complications.

Here I leave you tips to help you generate a new look and to encourage you to purge the mess:

  1. 1. The most important thing is to see that MESS IS NOT A PROBLEM, because it helps us guide ourselves in the places of our lives where we are not “aligned with our inner wisdom”. That is why it offers us the opportunity of alignment. And what do I mean by alignment? I mean that physical objects, different spaces or personal places, and even interpersonal relationships should be aligned to who we are today, not to those we were in the past. Obviously things, spaces or memories of moments lived in our interpersonal relationships contain stories, but these physical things or some memories are often associated with unnecessary beliefs of ourselves, and that also keep us trapped in the past, preventing us from moving forward and generate free space for new experiences. Speaking material.
  2. THE MESS CAN HELP YOU generate a MOTIVATION to RAISE YOUR ENERGY. If it represents everything that does not play an active role, and does not generate well-being in your life, it plays the function of REMINDER of what you need to release in order to feel lighter, which will have an impact on a greater energy in your life to perform new activities that produce happiness and light up your life.
  3. Comparing the spaces where your mess is, gives you keys of the interior mess that you must adjust. If, for example, your bathroom and kitchen are perfectly organized, you might think that you lead a healthy life in your diet, or that you relate positively to your physical body because you take care of it day by day. But if, on the other hand, your work papers or your computer are a disaster, you could safely be talking about that area of ​​your life that requires adjustments. If this area for you represents an “effort”, ask yourself if adjusting the mess you can feel more relieved, or maybe the activity or the work you are doing is not filling you up completely and you would have to make adjustments so that you regain your joy.
  4. Cleaning up our homes and spaces helps CLEAN OURSELVES AND FREE US. In our spaces, everything has a history, whether it is a trip, an event, a stage of life or a person with whom we share experiences; and we do not need many of those stories anymore. That is why the act of cleaning and getting rid of objects is related to taking out past stories, memories or blocks. And there are many of those experiences of the past (especially those that bring us unpleasant memories) that should remain in the past to BREATHE THE FREEDOM OF THE PRESENT.

Remember, “The best always happens inside; in your own home.”

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