I solve the following questions

  1. ¿How are emotions, behaviors and thoughts affected by the colors of the places? ¿Do the colors of light or the intensity of light affect people?
  2. ¿How do emotional textures affect the Human Being? ¿Do some textures calm and others generate altered moods? ¿Is it important if we are in contact with the textures when we see them or feel them with our senses?
  3. ¿How do sounds affect the mental state of the individual? ¿What kinds of noises delight, or frustrate people or help them to concentrate?
  4. ¿How can smells help the Human Being to learn and remember important information? ¿Or to be creative? ¿To feel healthy or energetic?
  5. ¿How do the dimensions of the room and objects influence the Human Being psychologically? ¿How do the ceilings’ heights affect the spatial perception of the place?
  6. ¿How do the forms modify (visually or sensitively) the experiences when they should be more curved or more rectilinear according to the different types of personalities?
  7. ¿How can the design of objects and places help the Human Being to prosper and have well-being and health OR help to improve healthy lifestyles? ¿How can design help the environment?
  8. ¿How can a house be transformed into a home? ¿How can people be helped to be happier in their workplace? ¿How can authentic spaces be created to represent people, promote well-being and revitalize people?