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November 9, 2018

We can feel at all times, almost anything we decide to feel. But not all our feelings (for the fact of living them) they are “authentic” and “truthful”.

Why are they not absolutely authentic and true? In reality, it is because behind the feelings there are ways of thinking that make us feel the way we feel, and that make us believe that the feelings are really true. But, the process is complex enough to write it in this short article.

What interests me today is letting them have the idea of ​​coming into contact with their own feelings and evaluating themselves for having them or not having them. This is a process that allows you to accept yourself with your own feelings, even the most harmful ones such as depression, envy or hatred.

 In this way, you can differentiate “healthy feelings” from “unhealthy” ones or from those generating self-condemnation. And so, you will be able to see the difference between healthy feelings and the consequent actions of unpleasant feelings according to their actions, which usually will lead you to anger.

Observing feelings also helps to recognize that they exist, to accept ourselves with them, to determine their usefulness and, finally, to decide what you want to feel and what can help you most to get the most out of your life.

The more contact you have with your feelings, the greater will be your ability to live emotionally than you ever would have allowed before, and thus you will feel alive. And if you accept yourself fully with any feeling you may have, but distinguishing the “goodness” or “badness” of these in them, you will be able to choose, and this will lead you to a greater capacity for discernment, which in turn, will take you to have greater security in yourself

Therefore, my advice today is: honestly acknowledge your feelings, even if they are not completely true, so you can then choose how you want to feel and live.

Remember, “The best always happens inside; in your own home.”

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