November 9, 2018

From the moment the human being gets up until the end of his day; he usually does things the same way. Some people get up, have a coffee, bathe in the same way and then eat breakfast. Others get up in a hurry, eat little or do not eat anything at all without not even taking the time to contemplate how that day dawned. And just like that their days and their lives go by.

Today in a therapy with one of my patients; one I am helping to relax, we talked about all the rituals that the human being has. In general until one does not become aware of them; they are considered simple daily behaviors.

We routinely sit to eat in the same places at the table, we have two or three recipes as a maximum in our menu, we  dress up  in the same way, and we do not stop to think about these patterns or habits so strictly established; those that even make  our minds remain immobile and inflexible.  

The serious thing of not realizing about this, it is the risk of getting used to rituals that can generate attachments to the ways of doing things, which makes our mind become so rigid that later it becomes a challenge to soften it. Or worse, that the rituals generate attachments that are even more difficult to let go or change.

With today´s therapy I understood that the attachment that makes the Human Being suffer so much (even unconsciously), can be related to doing things in the same way until he gets to ritualize life and his own existence. But unfortunately, we do not realize that when we are a prey to our own rituals, we suffer, because we take away our own freedom to explore new ways of doing things, to try new foods or attempt other routes to go to work.

That’s why my advice today is, before you run off to get up and do what you always do, put your hands on your heart and ask yourself: what do I need today? What does my body need today? Do I need a banana or do I need a coffee? Do I need to stretch or go jogging?

if you implement this internal communication with yourself daily; you will be able to recognize more easily for sure when your mind is rigid, what leads you to have rigid behaviors; those you end up getting used to, and therefore make you lose the possibility of glimpsing yourself with small details every day, and of course, of listening to yourself more in order to know what you need and definitely what you do not need.

Finally, I want to share my idea that, by changing our rituals, and allowing us to hear ourselves in what we really need, we can avoid the suffering of having meaningless lives, of acting as robots or zombies.

Remember, “The best always happens inside; in your own home.”

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