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November 9, 2018

Habits creates trends for sure. And the Human Being is conditioned to associate certain colors with “pleasant sensations”. For example, if your mind tends to be attracted by the color blue, you will probably associate it with “pleasure”. But if your mind has not been accustomed to this color but to the color orange as an example, you will probably not be attracted to this color.

For example: when you see a crowd of people wearing clothes of different colors, but you are only used to the color blue, because you feel attracted to it and because it gives you “pleasure”, then naturally you will look at a lady or a mannequin in blue or you will look the blue chair for your living room in a store.

All this is because our minds contain innumerable traces or memories of our most habitual behaviors throughout our lives that is what makes us feel attracted by certain colors or reject others.

In another of my articles where I talked about the appreciation of objects, I also referred to that according to our past experiences, the appreciations of objects, spaces or colors in this case, can be “positive”, “negative” or “neutral”.

I invite you to read it, so you can complement this reading.

 Remember, “The best always happens inside; in your own home.”

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