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November 9, 2018

The act of debugging (decluttering) can generate fear, doubts about the decisions that are being made, feelings of guilt or the feeling of being overwhelmed.

 Although this may be very unconscious, the act of getting rid of material things can generate a sense of “loss of identity”, since you can feel the sensation of not knowing who the person will be without their belongings or without their past histories.

People obviously transform over time, while their spaces are transformed, but in many cases people prefer to keep physical objects in their spaces to keep alive memories of their past “selves”.

These fears also apply to the future, which of course by getting rid of objects can generate fear of the future, due to the lack of clarity of who will be the person with the new renovations of the space.

It may be that most people do not consciously experience these fears, and put another “label” on fear, doubt or guilt, as an excuse for lack of time, or fatigue, or lack of external help.

But in reality, the art of debugging has to do with all these components of the unconscious, because it goes far beyond just clearing the seemingly physical mess.

Debugging means having the look and perspective of your life with “fresh eyes”, which in turn generates feelings of confidence in yourself, in reaffirming your ability to make the right decisions according to your life, in strengthening your self-esteem knowing that your inner guidance is wise, and in having the hope that everything that is being released, unfolding from your life, has a purpose of generating more space for the new.

This is why constantly practicing being “emptying”, “letting go”, even if it generates fear, anxiety, insecurity, uncertainty, will make you stronger than even going to the gym every day to strengthen your body, as this is really an inner strength that will give you freedom and clarity.

 Remember, “The best always happens inside; in your own home.”

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